Pure Grace Hearts For Global Waters

Pure Grace Heart for planting to Global waters

Following the completion of the planting of the coastal waters of Britain and Ireland with 99 specially programmed Rose Hearts of Light at the end of 2009, we launched a new community crystal planting project for 'Global Coastal Waters'.

This project is based on the planting of specially programmed Pure Grace Hearts to coastal waters across the globe. The crystals are programmed to bring purity, strength and positive flow to the bodies of water to which they are placed and all life forms inhabiting those waters.

The crystals will work to bring cleansing and balance to water at a planetary level and all life streams with connection to it, helping to return all to purity, flow and heart connection whilst adding to a growing global network of light as we move towards a new planetary cycle of energy.

If you would like to contribute to this healing opportunity wherever you are across the globe, either through planting a crystal or crystals, or through sponsorship please email: info@crystalearthworks.net