Aura Planting Projects

Aura quartz crystals with their beautiful iridescence and unique energies are a powerful addition to the crystal planters tool kit. Formed by bonding precious metal vapours with natural quartz, they provide a new body of healing opportunities with particular relevance to current times. 
Since the work began in 2006, we have now built a total of 8 ongoing global planting projects using these amazing crystals. 

The aura crystals help to realign different aspects of the Earths planetary body and her inhabitants to the new energies beginning to imbue our collective consciousness as the Earth, and we, undergo the transition into a new astrological age. Such times of cosmic change offer great opportunity but also many challenges, as old energy patterns, ways of living, working, and connecting with one another and our beautiful planet break down to make way for the new.

The growing nets of planted aura crystals, act to weave Light back into the planetary body touching all in their wake and forming an ever-flowing bridge between cosmic and earth energies.  

If you would like to contribute to this key body of work, specially programmed aura crystals for planting for each project will shortly be available from our sister site @starlightcrystals.

Alternatively, if you have your own aura crystals for use, they can be cleansed under running water, planted to the site or sites of your choosing, and then ignited to become part of the work by simply asking that they are connected to the Crystal Earthwork's crystal grid already in place for the relevant project. 

For example for a cleansed and planted aqua aura:

'I call upon the Light and ask that this aqua aura crystal, here planted, be ignited to the Crystal Earthworks matrix of Aqua Aura Light. Thank you.'

By calling to the Light in this way, we are drawing on the purity of Universal energy for the greater good of all, our Earth Mother, all her inhabitants and ourselves in actioning this work.

Some of the aura crystals are also available for personal use in meditation or to wear or carry.

For every 99 crystals planted for each project, a greater enhancement of healing and realignment will occur. These synergies of energy will benefit all, as the crystal matrixes of Light expand across the globe.

Global Aqua Aura Planting 
This was our first aura planting project and began in 2006, with the placement of one of these beautiful crystals to Mount Olympus in Greece. Its aim is to plant Aqua Aura crystals to places of high energy and spiritual connection across the globe.  These sites may be mountainsides, cliff tops, standing stones, churches, temples, gardens, woodland - anywhere each of us feel personally drawn to for spiritual empowerment and peace.

Aqua aura are made by fusing quartz with gold giving them their  stunning blue colour. Each aqua aura crystal is specially programmed and when planted 
will add to a growing matrix of spiritual energy being imbued to the planet as we move into the age of Aquarius.  It is envisaged that as this crystal matrix grows  individuals and groups will be drawn to visit the sites of planting of these crystals to enhance their own sense of spiritual strength, purity and peace.

In connection with this developing matrix of light, specially programmed Aqua Aura crystals are also available for individuals to carry, wear and meditate within their daily lives.

Aqua aura

Global Tanzine Aura Planting
The seeds for this project were first sown in the summer of 2007. Its aim is to plant Tanzine Aura crystals across the globe to facilitate spiritual connection and alignment with particular reference to the Creative Arts.

Tanzine aura are formed by bonding clear quartz with indium and gold giving them their beautiful indigo colouration. Suitable sites for planting include Art Institutions, Art Galleries, Sculpture Parks, Museums, Art, Dance and Music Colleges, Concert Halls, Opera Houses, Theatres, Cinemas and Community Centres of Multiple Usage. Places where beauty is created and creativity celebrated.

As with all the aura planting projects, each crystal is specially programmed and on placing to the earth will add to the growing matrix of new energies being imbued to the planet as we transition into the new astrological age.

Specially programmed Tanzine Aura crystals are also available for individuals to carry and meditate with in their daily lives to facilitate creative connection and alignment.  

Tanzine Aura

Global Topaz Aura Planting
The seeds for this project were first sown in the summer of 2007 alongside the Global Tanzine Aura project. The aim of this work is to plant Topaz Aura crystals to facilitate spiritual connection and alignment with particular reference to places of wisdom, learning and decision making.

These beautiful vibrant orange crystals are formed by melding quartz with gold and iron oxide. Suitable sites of planting include Universities, Government / Parliament buildings, Libraries, Courts, Places of Learning and Training, Hospitals and Care Homes, Research  Laboratories, Publishers, Television and Radio Studios, Businesses, Banks and Key National and Global Institutions eg. United Nations, Nasa, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, National Trust.

Specially programmed Topaz Aura crystals are also available for personal use, facilitating spiritual clarity and wisdom.

Topaz Aura

Global Angel Aura Planting

We began working with Angel Aura in 2015. These beautiful pearly white iridescent crystals are formed by fusing clear quartz with silver and platinum. The resultant vibration resonates well with the interface between angelic and earthly realms, hence their name.

Specially programmed to enhance angelic connection to the bearer or place of planting and all in their wake, they work at this interface opening portals to angelic consciousness wherever they are placed.


Suitable sites of planting are areas of high positive energy such as places of worship, spiritual centres, viewpoints, hill tops and natural environments of great purity. They can also play a key part in enhancing healing by placing to sites where many are in need, such as hospital grounds, orphanages, care homes and hospices.


Programmed angel aura are also available for personal use to enhance angelic connection at a personal level.

Angel Aura

Global Rose Aura Planting

Rose Aura has a beautiful deep rose-pink hue and is formed by bonding quartz with platinum. We waited many years to connect to a suitable source of these crystals and finally began working with them in 2017.

Programmed to enhance heart connection to the Earth and all within their wake they have a key part to play in this time of planetary transition and awakening of consciousness. For Earth is the teacher of Heart, and we as humans are here with the opportunity to learn of heart energy, and to open our hearts fully should we so choose. 


Suitable sites of planting are places of high energy, spiritual sites, places of worship, mountain tops, viewpoints, and centres of Earth healing.


They are also available for personal use to wear, carry or use in meditation to strengthen heart connection to all.

Rose Aura

Global Sunset Aura Planting

We first started working with these crystals in 2019 under the name sunshine aura. However, our current source has been renamed as sunset aura, which is similar to sunshine aura but its beautiful orange-yellow base colour has a richer more metallic, magenta hue. 


Sunset aura is formed from fusing clear quartz with vaporized gold and iridium.

Specially programmed to bring joy, hope, positivity and strength to the bearer or place of planting in times of change their colour and rainbow hue mirrors the energy of a beautiful sunset.

Sunsets are symbolic of positive transitions, thus these crystals are particularly suitable for planting to places of transition, such as care homes, hospitals, hospices and healing centres, or for placing centrally to a community or to a high point in an area, from which they can veil their positive energy to all in their wake.

They are also available for personal use in meditation or to wear or carry to enhance positivity and trust in times of change.


Sunset Aura

Global Titanium Aura Planting 

Titanium aura, sometimes known as rainbow aura, are formed by fusing clear quartz with titanium. We began working with these stunning, deep purple, rainbow sheen, crystals in 2019.

Specially programmed to veil positive transformation to all in their wake, they are best suited for planting to areas where positive transformation is required yet gridding with amethyst for positive change is challenging in some way. 

Titanium aura can also be placed centrally in the home or workplace to veil positive transmutation to all within their vicinity during times of transition or upheaval. Used in this way, they act as a powerful visual and energetic reminder of the beauty and potential for positive change in us all.

Titanium aura


 Global Apple Aura Planting

Apple aura crystals are the latest addition to Crystal Earthworks aura planting work. Formed by fusing quartz with nickel and sometimes gold, these stunning crystals embody our heart connection and co-dependency with nature and our beautiful Earth mother, mirrored by their varied green hues. 

Programmed to ground the emerald green Light of harmony, balance, restoration and replenishment to the Earth and her inhabitants, they are currently being planted to key trees across the globe. These 'Mother' trees then ground and feed this restorative energy both via the 'Wood Wide Web' to other trees in their vicinity and via the Earth's subtle energy field into the physical landmass renewing and recharging all in their wake. 


Apple Aura

If you are drawn to take part in any of these projects and wish to share your planting experiences we would love to hear from you. Planting records can be emailed to or posted directly onto Crystal Earthworks Facebook Page.