Friday, 12 November 2021

Forest and Woodland Restoration

This is the third of our posts in connection with COP26, looking at how we can integrate crystal planting into making Earth centred choices for the health and wellbeing of our planet, her myriad of lifeforms, and thus ourselves. 

The second of the key agreements made during the first week of COP26 was to end and reverse deforestation by 2030. This pledge was made by more than 100 world leaders. 

Trees are vital to the health and wellbeing of our planet. As well as supporting a rich diversity of life, they provide us with oxygen, store carbon through the absorption of CO2, a major green house gas, and stabilise the soil helping to reduce flooding and erosion.

With a total loss of one third of the Earth's forests since the last ice age, and half of this loss being in the last 100 years alone, the commitment to forest and woodland restoration is key in our collective move forward to becoming responsible custodians of our planet. 

So what can we do? 

Firstly as individuals we can nurture the trees we already have in our gardens and local communities.  Secondly we can take care to not purchase products which drive large-scale deforestation. Thirdly we can plant more trees and support larger scale native tree planting and woodland and forest restoration both locally and globally.

Crystals can then be planted and used in meditation to enhance and support existing woodland, help regeneration of areas of felling and deforestation, and strengthen or heal key individual trees that have been damaged or are diseased.

Crystal Earthworks has been working on this area of work for a number of years. Firstly through planting 'Earth Healing' sets of crystals to areas of felling. These sets combine four fist sized amethyst and four fist sized rose quartz programmed together to heal sufferance and pain and return peace and natural beauty, they can be placed to energy grid areas of deforestation aiding regeneration and restoration.

Fist sized amethyst

Fist sized rose quartz

Secondly through the planting of Pure Strength sets which combine a Pure Grace Heart (specially programmed selenite heart) with four malachite. These sets programmed to bring healing, alignment and strength to the natural world, when planted centrally to an area facilitate cleansing, strengthening, renewal, regeneration, vitality and flow. They can be planted to existing woods and forests to help sustain the existing trees and also to areas of restoration on a smaller scale or where crystal gridding an area is difficult due to access. 

Pure Strength Set

Finally, more recently we have been working with specially programmed apple aura crystals for planting to individual trees, in particular 'Mother trees'. Programmed to ground the emerald green Light of harmony, balance, restoration and replenishment to the Earth and her inhabitants, when planted, this restorative energy is fed via the Mother Tree to other trees in their vicinity via the mycorrhizal web and also via the Earth's subtle energy field into the physical landmass renewing and recharging all in their wake. They can also be used to bring healing energy to key individual trees that have been damaged or are diseased.

Apple aura

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