Thursday, 11 November 2021

Crystal Earthworks 19th birthday!

Today we celebrate Crystal Earthworks 19th Birthday! As always we will mark this and Armistice Day with a special meditation through 11am GMT,  this year we focus once again on:

'All that is required for the peace, health and wellbeing of all.' 

This meditation will use the beautiful crystal configuration shown below comprised of a Pure Grace Heart to the centre, four chalcedony rose auras and four angel aura. This beautiful set of crystals feels more relevant than ever, both in connection to COP26, now nearing the end of its second week, and with the continuing ongoing challenges of the current pandemic. 

Thank you to everyone, from the depths of my heart, for your continued love, connection and support of both myself and the project throughout the last year and beyond. The Earth is truly a lighter, brighter place for all your crystal planting work and meditation connections. 

Pure Grace Heart, chalcedony rose
aura and angel aura combination

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