Monday, 21 May 2012

Planting for Birthing

I did some crystal planting yesterday to help a horse locally, who is due to foal. There are many ways to use crystals to help birthing in animals. With horses, the field or stable can be gridded with appropriately programmed selenite to help with flow and pain relief. However in this case I planted a Pure Grace (selenite) Heart, with the birthing programme over-layed to the crystals original programming, midway between the horses field and stable. This felt perfect, as the mare is being kept out in her field during the day and inside at night until she gives birth, so it saved having to potentially grid both areas, as the energy of a Pure Grace Heart has the capacity to radiate out over a considerable distance. Also the horses name is Grace, so it felt one of these beautiful selenite crystals would be of particular connection to her. 

Pure Grace Heart

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