Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bird Nest In Car!

One of the spectacular things about Orkney is its rich and varied bird life, especially at this time of year with the increasing daylight, and warmer weather. 
We encourage birds in the garden, here at Old Nisthouse by feeding and also using snow quartz crystals in shallow dishes of water for the birds to drink and by the presence of the snow quartz cairn. The snow quartz in the drinking water provides a sustaining light charge to the birds drinking it, particularly important in the winter months, whilst the cairn attracts all types of wildlife, radiating out an energy of gentle peace and healing to all. 
However at the weekend I found a starlings nest complete with eggs in my in my car engine - a step too far perhaps! This type of nest building activity is not uncommon in Orkney, and this particular nest had made several journeys away from the house, with the mother bird simply returning to the nest on the cars return, before I realised what was going on. Unfortunately I had to take the nest out, as too many vehicles have ignited here, including a brand new tractor, because of similar nests setting fire. Sadly, attempts to transfer the nest elsewhere failed as it collapsed, but we do have some starling eggs found abandoned elsewhere the next day, incubating on the Aga!

Starlings nest in car engine

Snow quartz cairn

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