Monday, 14 September 2020

Fifty Crystals to Fifty Mountains

 Delighted to announce today the launch of the second part of Crystal Earthworks 50/50 planting work, marking the fiftieth anniversary year of Earth Day. This planting project will see fifty aura crystals planted to fifty hill or mountain tops across Scotland in the coming year, adding to a growing network of healing Light energy across the country.

The crystals used will be a mixture of Aqua Aura promoting spiritual connection through unconditional love in action, Angel Aura promoting angelic healing and connection, Rose Aura promoting heart connection to the Earth and each other, and Sunshine Aura promoting joy, hope, strength and vitality through positive change.

If you feel drawn to contributing to this work by either sponsoring or planting one of the crystals please get in touch by emailing 

This project also celebrates fifty years of 'Mountaineering Scotland' which promotes safe and sustainable access to the Scottish hills, and my 58th birthday!

Aqua Aura, Angel Aura,
Sunshine Aura, and Rose Aura crystals

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