Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Crystal Planting for the Tay Bridge Disaster

This beautiful Rose Heart of Light, was planted at the weekend in connection to the Tay Bridge disaster at Dundee in Scotland. Programmed to bring peace and healing to all in connection to this event and all living and working in the vicinity, it was placed into the Firth of Tay on Saturday, near to the site of the old and replacement bridge.

The disaster happened in 1879, on the evening of Sunday 28th December,  during a violent storm, with the central part of the bridge, across the Tay at Dundee, collapsing as a train was travelling across it leading to the death of 75 people. Such traumatic events leave both negative energetic imprints to the Earth and also emotional scars to the people living at the time which can be carried through generations to the present time hence the wording of the programming.

The energy of the area felt lighter and freer somehow after placement of the crystal and was followed by a beautiful sunset.

Rose Heart of Light just before planting

Present Tay railway bridge, with remains
of the old bridge showing in middle section 

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