Monday, 11 November 2019

Happy Birthday!

Today we celebrate Crystal Earthworks 17th birthday! 

To mark this and Armistice day, there will be a special meditation through 11am GMT focusing on peace and heart connection for all. 
This meditation will use the beautiful configuration shown below, comprising of a Pure Grace Heart, four Rose Hearts of Light and four angel aura. 
All are welcome to join us in meditation, positive thought or prayer from where ever you are based across the globe, by simply visualising the crystals whilst holding the focus in your heart and mind, through the allotted time.

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued, and new support of the project and for all the amazing crystal planting and Earth healing that has taken place over the last 17 years.
With the many challenges we and our planet face at this time, Crystal Earthworks feels more relevant than ever in empowering us both individually and collectively to take action and bring about positive change for all.

May the peace of heart connection be with each of us, and may many more crystal seeds of Light be planted in the year to come, to bless our Mother Earth with the strengthening and healing she so requires at this time.

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