Friday, 8 November 2019

Back To Basics 5 Pyrite and Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have transformed our ability to communicate globally, but in terms of our individual, collective and planetary health they are having a devastating impact. It is not about not using these devices, but about using them with respect and awareness of their negative impact on health and well being. In Back to Basics 3 we looked at how pyrite can be used to negate the negative impact of mobile phone masts on health. In this post we look at what we can do on a daily basis to protect ourselves and those around us form the negative impact of our mobile phones.
Every mobile phone emits a high level of electromagnetic energy, which over time can have huge negative impacts on our health. Brains tumours and diseases related to repeated radiation blasts to the head, reproductive disorders and cancers related to those parts of the body where phones are constantly carried and used without protection are all real threats, with leukaemia and brain tumours predicted to dramatically rise in those who have begun to use phones at a young age as their developing energy and physical stature is less able to withstand the repeated blasts of radiation. This is not scaremongering but a reality check.
The health challenges arise not only from our own mobile phone usage but that of others, it is akin to passive smoking, for we only need to look around us walking through a town or city, or sitting on a bus or train, to recognise we are constantly surrounded by mobile phone usage and therefore living, travelling and often working in a negative electromagnetic soup.
So what can we do at a personal level to protect ourselves against the negative impact of mobile phones on our health? 
The first step is to reduce our usage and limit the exposure of our young people. In energy terms it is advisable that no child under the age of twelve should have prolonged use of a mobile phone and up to sixteen use should be limited to protect their development.
Some form of negative energy protection would then be carried with the phone at all times. A small piece of rough or cubed pyrite, programmed to absorb and transmute the negative energy emissions form the phone, works well, I carry mine in a silk pouch with my phone. However daily cleansing overnight in water of the crystal is essential.
It is also advisable to use specially programmed pyrite with any phone charging point including in the car. The crystals again need regular cleansing daily if small, weekly if larger pieces are used.
Finally carrying, wearing or using a crystal 'amulet' specially programmed to protect against negative environmental energies is key. Amethyst is best for this and will be covered in the Back To Basics 6.

Pyrite - smaller pieces suitable for use with
mobile phones, larger to charging points

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