Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Back To Basics 1 - An Introduction

As recently outlined on Facebook we begin today our 'Back to Basics' series of blog postings.
Crystal Earthworks originally came into being nearly 18years ago in response to a growing awareness  that all was not well with our beautiful Mother Earth. Essentially it provided a sobering picture of a planet in much distress, facing many challenges and all of them man made through our collective lack of responsible custodianship and Earth connection. However it also provided us with healing tools, crystal tools, to be used to begin to reverse the tide of negativity mankind had created, tools to empower each and every one of us to make a positive difference and become true custodians for our energy challenged planet.
Since Crystal Earthworks inception, thousands of crystals have been used and planted to bring about Earth healing in many different ways, and a small but ever growing team of regular crystal planters are working hard to make the world a better place for all.
However as many are beginning to recognise now, here in 2019, the Earth is struggling more than ever before, climate change is beginning to have a greater and greater impact on us all and we have much to do to turn the tide of negativity that abounds.
Yet there is also an increasing sense of hope and empowerment, as more and more people wake up to the need to make positive Earth centred changes in their lives, and growing numbers of individuals and companies come up with innovative ideas, in  response to the growing scientific awareness of the enormity of the challenge we and our planet Earth face.
It is in response to this growing awareness of our need to take far greater care of our planet and fast, and with this growing openness to positive change, that Crystal Earthworks returns to the basic uses of crystals with which it first began, in the hope that the healing contribution these beautiful gifts of the Earth can offer, will be recognised on a far greater scale than present, creating a wave of positive change across the globe.
In the next post we look at Pyrite and its ability to absorb and redirect for transmutation the negative electromagnetic energy we are all contributing to and with which our earth abounds.

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