Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Avian Influenza

It has been a challenging time here in Orkney this spring and early summer, as in many parts of Scotland this year, with avian influenza affecting both seabird colonies and wildfowl.

Here in Orkney, great skuas and gannets have been hardest hit by the outbreak, but great black-backed gull, arctic tern, common guillemot and puffin have also tested positive in other areas.

Reports suggest an 85% decline in great skuas on the island of Rousay, Orkney and a 64% decline in St Kilda out in the Atlantic, threatening to push this beautiful but already rare species to extinction globally.

In response to this, and personally finding multiple dead birds on many of our walks, over the last few months, I have been doing daily meditation work with a stunning labradorite emu egg, I was drawn to buy recently. Programmed to strengthen immunity and help protect the sea bird colonies in our local vicinity, the egg sits in my sanctuary space, and its effect is empowered each time I sit and focus on it.

Generally, blue lace agate is the go to crystals for treating injured or sick birds, or snow quartz to energise and strengthen wild birds. However it feels that labradorite is most suited to help in this instance, with its energetic ability to strengthen the immunity of all in its wake, when appropriately programmed. 

I'm hoping to get hold of more of these labradorite emu eggs shortly and begin programming and planting them both to seabird colonies here in Orkney and further afield.
Labradorite emu egg

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