Monday, 4 October 2021

Apple Aura Plantings

Apple aura's are the latest addition to Crystal Earthworks aura planting work. These stunning crystals embody our heart connection and co-dependency with nature and our beautiful Earth mother, mirrored by their varied green hues. As with all crystals they act as a bridge between the Light and the physical but this is especially reflected in all the aura crystals with their amazing rainbow sheen.

Programmed to ground the emerald green Light of harmony, balance, restoration and replenishment to the Earth and her inhabitants, they are currently being planted to key trees across the globe. These 'Mother' trees then ground and feed this restorative energy both via the 'Wood Wide Web' to other trees in their vicinity and via the Earth's subtle energy field into the physical landmass renewing and recharging all in their wake. 

During our time away in the summer I planted three apple auras to key trees in various parts of mainland Scotland including one to the Birnam Oak, in central Perthshire. This stunning oak tree which is thought to be around 600 years old, features in Shakespeare's play Macbeth, and has a girth of 7m, the first 3m of which are hollow so that you can actually sit inside it, a very grounding and awe inspiring experience. Mature oak trees play a key part in woodland ecosystems being home to around 300 insects and providing food and shelter for more living animals than any other European tree.

These beautiful crystals have also been planted in Orkney and to various sites in England in recent months.

Apple aura

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