Monday, 27 September 2021

Crystal Planting Scotland

We are finally back in Orkney for a while, after being blessed with an amazing week on the Isle of Lewis, and then a journey south to Dundee to deliver my youngest daughter back to university. With so many trips to other parts of Scotland this summer and little time to share the crystal planting work done I've just been totting up all the crystals planted.

With over 80 crystals placed to 30 different sites across mainland Scotland, Arran and Lewis, the planet is truly a brighter, lighter place for this work. The planting work covered all three bodies of crystal planting, Crystal Earthworks is currently evolving to bring about planetary healing. Some were placed to release negative energy engrained into the very fabric of the Earth through past negative action and events, some to realign both the Earth and her inhabitants to the huge energy changes taking place at this time, as we move from one astrological age to the next, and some were planted to heal and strengthen different aspects of the Earth's planetary body.

Crystals are such a gift to us all at this time of great change and the many challenges that brings. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, as I share in more detail the planting work achieved in recent months, some of you will feel inspired to action similar work in your own areas and help play a greater part in restoring our beautiful Earth Mother.

A handful of over twenty different
types of crystal planted over the summer

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