Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Global Healing Cairn

With everything that's happening across our beautiful but energy challenged planet at this time, it is easy to become a bit overwhelmed as to how best to help so many in need.

The global healing cairn here at Old Nisthouse, Harray, Orkney, is currently programmed to send peace, strength and positive transformation to the Earth and her inhabitants. 

The rose quartz cairn and associated crystals can be connected to at any time, from where you are based across the globe to send healing at a planetary level or to a community or area of your choice that is in need. For example I am currently doing daily meditation work with it for the lands and people of Afghanistan and all those affected by earthquake, fire and flood at this time, sometimes focusing on specific areas such as Haiti or wildfires across Europe, at other times working at a global level.

To connect with the cairn, simply sit in peace in a quiet place let go of all your own worries and concerns and visualise the image of the cairn in meditation, positive thought or prayer for the community or area or your choice. Each and every connection empowers the energy of the cairn and also brings peace and healing at a personal level.

Rose quartz healing cairn, Orkney

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