Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Planting News

I planted this beautiful ocean jasper crystal at the weekend into the large rock pool shown below, near Yesnaby, on the West Mainland coast of Orkney. The crystal was programmed to strengthen the oceanic body of the Earth and its placement marks the beginning of the third strand of our work begun last year to strengthen different aspects of the planetary body.

It is envisioned that programmed ocean jasper will be planted to rock pools across the globe, over the coming months and years, forming a web of Light enhancing our oceans and all within. They are especially suited for placing in large pools within the inter-tidal zone which are already species rich. 

Ocean jasper before planting

Pool just after planting

Part of the species diverse seaweed bed

Sea anemones and barnacles at the pool edge

The pool from above showing the intertidal zone

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