Friday, 26 February 2021

Crystal Cairn Update

These beautiful crystals have been added to further empower the crystal cairn, here at Old Nisthouse, in Orkney. 

The cairn remains programmed to send peace, healing and emotional resilience to all across the globe. It can be connected to at any time, from where ever you are based across the globe, to send healing at a community, national or planetary level. 

Simply sit in peace, in a quiet place either inside or outside. Let go of all your own worries and concerns, and then use the words and image of the cairn as a positive focus in meditation, positive thought or prayer for your chosen group of people, community, nation, or simply use as a global healing focus.

Each and every connection empowers the healing effect of the cairn, and also brings a deeper sense of personal peace and wellbeing, so needed in the current challenges we and our beautiful planet face.

Rose Hearts of Light and angel aura

Rose quartz healing cairn

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