Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Tree Moss Agate Planting

I planted this beautiful tree moss agate crystal on Sunday 27/12/20, on a beautiful frosty morning, to the moorland on top of Mid Hill above Evie on the West Mainland of Orkney. Programmed to strengthen and restore peatland it is part of ongoing work to strengthen carbon sinks across the globe using a variety of crystals. In Orkney, this work began some weeks ago with the planting of a 'mother' set comprising of a Pure Grace Heart and four tree moss agate crystals. These mother sets are then able to connect to further individual crystals planted to peatlands in the same area to form a web of crystalline restorative energy. Tree moss agate was used in this instance as the moorlands here are rich in lichen and feel to resonate well with the energy of these crystals. However, moss agate can also be used in the same way where its energy feels better suited to the local flora and environment. 

Tree moss agate

View from Mid Hill  

Frosty conditions underfoot

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