Thursday, 18 June 2020

Planting for Angelic and Heart and Connection

The second of my trips out this week, involved returning to an area of coastline in Birsay recently planted for general healing. During the previous visit,  I felt I had received a prompt to plant further crystals to help ease the mental and emotional effects of lockdown for those living, visiting or walking in the vicinity.
The crystals planted were two beautiful programmed aura crystals. Rose aura to enhance heart connection, and angel aura to bring greater angelic connection.
Once again it was a beautiful day and the whole area felt to have such a different energy to recent visits, more vibrant, flowing and with the gift of Artic terns having returned to their nesting site which had previously seemed abandoned.

Rose aura at site of planting

Angel aura at site of planting

View near site of planting

Sea thrift by planting site

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