Sunday, 12 April 2020

Connecting To Our Hearts

Through 12pm BST today, Easter Sunday 2020, the beautiful set of crystals shown below will be opened for twenty four hours with the focus on joy, hope and positivity through heart connection.

The exact challenges each and everyone of us face at this time of great flux and change will vary from person to person, community to community, and country to country. Yet it is also a time of great opportunity to come together as one, locally, nationally and globally to work towards the common goal of connecting to heart energy. For if we all flow from the truth of our hearts, compassion and love will be shared, lives will be saved, and the Earth will heal.

This crystal configuration comprising of a Pure Grace Heart and four sunshine aura is to help us all to connect to the 'sliver lining', the 'light at the end of the tunnel', and how we can best help ourselves, those around us and our Earth mother at this time.
Please feel free to connect to the crystals at any time over the period they are open, from where ever you are based across the globe.

To join in, simply sit in peace, in a quiet place, and use the words and image of the crystals shown below as a positive focus in meditation, positive thought or prayer

May strength, hope and the beauty of heartfelt flow be with all at this time.

Pure Grace Heart and Four Sunshine Aura

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