Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bee Meditation

The meditation focus for tonight, 6th June 2013 through 8 pm GMT, is to help bees, using a Pure Strength Set and amber, with the focus:

"To send strength to bees across the globe."

Please use the image of the crystals below as a positive visualisation. 

This crystal configuration is also good for crystal planting for bees. It may be placed at the site of a hive or hives, amongst flowering plants in the garden or to areas of meadowland, in particular those  specially planted for bees.

I was informed earlier in the week that Monday marked the reintroduction of short haired honey bees to Britain for which cultivation of flower rich meadows has been taking place for the last 12 years! This meditation is to help them, and all bees across the globe, in the vital role they play in the planets ecosystems. Thank you to all for your help and connection.

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