Monday, 22 April 2013

Bag The Bruck

Bruck collected Birsay, Orkney
It was 'Bag The Bruck' weekend here in Orkney. This is where the council provides bags and gloves to willing volunteers to collect any rubbish brought onto the beaches or blown around the islands during the winter storms and gales.

Plastic items in the Bruck
We have helped down at Birsay, on             mainland Orkney each year we have been here, and it is always a sobering experience. The beaches here are mainly pristine, and few locals or visitors drop litter, yet there is always a wealth of rubbish to collect on this weekend. It is all brought in by the sea, but ultimately deposited by one of us somewhere on the planet. The amount of plastic is always depressing. I picked up only one item out of three bin bags full that was not plastic in some shape or form and this is all floating around our oceans!

Hopefully the pictures here will help remind us all of the beauty and natural harmony of our planet, and of how we, collectively, need to help our seas. So how can each of us help to reduce this oceanic pollution? Its simple, reduce our use of plastics, recycle, bin litter and Bag The Bruck!

Natural Debris, Birsay

Stormy Seas Birsay

Birsay Beach after bag The Bruck

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