Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Protection Against Negative Environmental Energies

In connection with the previous post regarding planting the mobile phone mast near my daughters new school. Someone was asking if I had used any other crystals to help my daughter with the energies of  her new environment. The answer  is yes! She has a personal amethyst to help protect her from negative environmental energies as the school has vast numbers of computers and of course most pupils and most likely staff are mobile phone users. She also has her first mobile phone so she can contact us easily, but carries programmed pyrite with it in a silk purse to protect her from the negative effects of its energy.

All she has to do is to place the crystals in water overnight to cleanse them and they cost only a few pounds. Simple, inexpensive, yet hugely beneficial in health terms!

Programmed amethyst for protection 
against negative environmental energies

Programmed pyrite for carrying with mobile 

Mobile phone pyrite and silk purse

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