Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pure Grace Day

The Crystal Earthworks is delighted to celebrate today, the 4th birthday of the 'Pure Grace Heart' .

These beautiful selenite hearts, are a gift of light and can be carried and used for personal healing, meditation and planting to the lands and waters of the Earth. Specially programmed in a high energy environment to bring purity and flow to the bearer or to their place of planting they offer an ever growing myriad of healing opportunities for all.

'Pure Grace Hearts' for personal use, come in gold hemp pouches with accompanying instructions for use.

'Pure Grace Hearts' for planting come in lilac boxes either singly or combined with other crystals for a variety of healing purposes and with full instructions for placing to the Earth.

Please let use know if you would like to know more about this aspect of the 'Crystal Earthworks' work.

In celebration, we will be meditating through 12pm GMT with our personal hearts and there are hearts open for global healing throughout the day so please join us by connecting in with your own heart or by using the image below, through midday or at any other time.

Sarah Louise Forsyth

Jennifer Anne Mole

Pure Grace Heart for Personal or Planetary Healing

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