Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Planting for Peace

Watching the news today reminded me how key Peace is in our world today. Its easy to become despondent and doubtful as to where the Earth is heading, with the continual bombardment of negativity to her lands and inhabitants, in one area after another. However we can all make a positive difference simply by counteracting all the fighting and destruction by acting peacefully ourselves and by crystal planting to put Light back into our planet and her damaged, torn energy.

Feel empowered and plant a piece of rose quartz for Peace today where ever you are across the globe. Alternatively, if you know of an area close to you where intense negative action has occurred such as a battlefield, site of terrorist attack or place of inhumane action, please get in touch and we can advise you how to return such an area to positivity and heal the negative imprints left there using a grid of rose quartz.

The beauty of crystal planting is in its simplicity, yet power, to make a positive difference to all.

To plant a single crystal for peace choose a Rose Quartz crystal, large or small, tumbled or rough cut.
Cleanse the chosen rose quartz crystal in water over night and pat dry using a clean, preferably white cotton cloth.

Hold the crystal in your right palm and ask that it be Light charged to bring peace to its place of planting and all who visit or inhabit that place.
Dig a hole and plant the crystal, covering it back over with soil or alternatively place under stones or in vegetation or in water where it won't be disturbed.
Stand peacefully in your chosen place of planting and simply ask the Light that the crystal be ignited.

Thank you have helped bring peace to the Earth and her inhabitants!

Rose quartz, a bringer of peace

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