Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Planting For Release

Stayed in a supposedly haunted Manor House at the weekend and felt prompted to take the crystals for Release.

Our first night there felt quite strange and nobody slept well. Planted the site with the crystals at around 8pm the next night and had an image of a child returning to the Light with its parents on either side. The whole atmosphere in our room and the older part of the building felt far more flowing after the planting as if an energy of tension and frustration had been released and everyone slept well that night.

I have subsequently read that a child has been heard crying in room six 6, (we stayed in room 7) and a woman seemingly searching for her son, has been heard and seen by staff at various times upstairs in the house. Customers have also smelt the scent of tobacco in room 4 and had a feeling of being watched or followed.

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