Friday, 4 November 2011

Animal Healing

We have just taken on two more hamsters whilst friends are on holiday. They arrived together in one cage but have rapidly had to be separated with the larger male behaving very aggressively to the smaller one.
I have just placed rose quartz in their cages to bring peace and healing to them.
Although different crystals resonate with different animals, rose quartz is safe and beneficial to all animals and can be placed in the animals cage, bed or sleeping area taking care that there is no danger of the animal swallowing the crystal.
Don't forget to cleanse the rose quartz first overnight in water and thereafter weekly! If you want to empower the action of the crystal hold it in your right palm after cleansing and ask that it bring peace and healing to the animal it is for - Horace the hamster, Toby the cat, Herbie the dog.

Rough cut ( check for sharp edges) or polished pieces can be used and the size depends on the size of the animal.
With small furry animals take care to remove the crystal for cleansing before changing the bedding - our compost heap has been blessed with rose quartz for the hamsters too many times!

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